Blinking Cute Box Cat Arthoniel's Miniature World: April 2016

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Sky Pirate Fugitives...

A new story is up today! It features two new Sky Pirates, Tilly and Kytes! Please go and check it out if you have time (^_^)

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sumikko Gurashi Picnic Re-ment

What a refreshing Spring Re-ment this little Sumikko Gurashi set is. I can't wait to use it in photos!

Latidoll Monster Kids Thailand Limited Sbelle (^_^)

Let's just say, I bought the purple one...(X_x)

Dearmine Chopin Bean

Once again, I have awoken at 3:00 a.m. to order one of Dearmine Doll's limited Beans. This time, it is a gorgeous blue Chopin Bean. He is a little Dragon, complete with wings! I am so excited to get him home!

The SIO2 Bleater (^_^) My Dream Doll!

Not long ago, I stumbled upon this gorgeous doll by the company SIO2 called the Fantasy Village Bleater. I immediately had to search for her, and to my utter shock, I found her! I had to use a Taobao agent to order her, but I finally figured it out, and within a couple months I should have my very own Bleater! I cannot wait as this doll represents about everything I love in a doll!

The Grimalkin Princess

Today, I uploaded a new story with one of my favorite characters, Aishling. Please check it out (^_^)